Energy-Efficient Solutions for Businesses – A Guide!

Energy-Efficient Solutions
Energy-Efficient Solutions

Are you a business owner looking to reduce operating costs and enhance your company’s sustainability? Energy-efficient solutions may be the answer you’re looking for.

According to research, most businesses can cut their energy costs by up to 25% through simple measures (such as minimizing lighting usage.)

However, there are many other ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy wastage, including

  • upgrading equipment and appliances,
  • optimizing heating and cooling systems,
  • and implementing insulation measures.

In this upcoming blog, we’ll explain what it means to reduce energy usage vs. becoming more energy efficient.

Also, we will take a detailed look at how businesses can utilize energy-efficient solutions… step by step.

Let’s get into it and learn exactly how to become more energy efficient.

Energy-efficient solutions vs. reducing energy usage

When we talk about energy efficiency, we’re referring to using less energy to achieve the same or better results.

It’s all about optimizing HOW we use energy to minimize waste and reduce costs.

On the other hand… reducing energy usage is simply about consuming less energy overall.

While reducing energy usage is definitely important, it can sometimes be… challenging to achieve without compromising productivity (or comfort, for that matter.)

Energy-Efficient Solutions
Energy-Efficient Solutions

This is where energy-efficient solutions come in — by making the most out of the energy we do use, we can reduce energy usage without sacrificing performance or comfort.

In short… energy-efficient solutions and reducing energy usage go hand in hand.

By combining both approaches, businesses can achieve optimal energy savings and improve their bottom line while minimizing their environmental impact.

How to improve energy efficiency: step-by-step

First Step – Connection

To get the most out of your energy usage, you need to know where you’re wasting it.

That’s where energy monitoring solutions come in handy.

They can track each piece of equipment or asset and flag any irregularities across your facility.

NuWorld’s energy monitoring solution uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze your energy usage patterns.

Ugh, that sounds like a lot of work…right?

Well, no! Our solution connects to your existing metering infrastructure, offering a range of connectivity options to suit your needs.

Our platform gives you an estate-wide view of your energy consumption in real time.


Energy-Efficient Solutions for Businesses
Energy-Efficient Solutions for Businesses

Second Step – Making changes

An energy monitoring solution gives you a birds-eye view of your energy consumption across your entire estate.

With this information, you can pinpoint where inefficiencies lie and which areas could benefit from improvements.

For example, retailers often use lighting throughout the day, consistently at full brightness.

But did you know that lighting is the most expensive utility cost for retailers?

Retailers consume 220-240TWh per year, which is much more than many energy-intensive sectors.

That’s a lot of energy!

After all, retail buildings can use a lot of energy, and the biggest culprits are often lighting, cooling, and heating.

In fact, in Europe, the retail and wholesale sector is actively taking steps to reduce energy consumption as part of its commitments to the UN Race to Zero.

But, thanks to an effective energy monitoring solution, energy or facility managers can make data-driven decisions that drive energy efficiency and cost savings.

Final Step – Monitoring results

Improving energy efficiency isn’t a one-and-done task. As you make changes to your energy usage, it’s important to keep monitoring the results to see how effective they are.

This way, you can determine which changes are the most effective and whether there’s more room for improvement.

Remember, energy usage patterns are constantly evolving, and your strategy should evolve with them to stay as energy efficient as possible.

Wrapping it up!

Improving energy efficiency is a smart move for businesses looking to save costs and reduce their environmental impact.

By implementing energy-efficient solutions and closely monitoring energy usage, businesses can identify inefficiencies and make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency even further.

At NuWorld, we offer the Eniscope 8 Hybrid monitoring device.

It is a powerful tool for businesses looking to achieve greater energy efficiency.

With cutting-edge IoT sensors and machine learning capabilities, the platform provides valuable insights into energy consumption patterns and can automatically help you maximize energy efficiency.

If you’re ready to take the next step in improving energy efficiency within your business, get in touch with us to see how NuWorld can help!


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