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automotive industry


IQEM Transform Energy Performance in the Automotive Industry with 43% Energy Savings.

High energy intensity makes the automotive sector a hotbed of energy waste

The manufacturing of automotive parts is an extremely energy intensive process and although cars are being adapted to be greener, the production complexity has increased, affecting related energy demand. Knowing this, Best.Energy partner, IQEM, set out to tackle the rising costs for their client ‘Pont Aurell y Armengol’, using the power of energy monitoring.

Eniscope in Action

The client shared their plan of action with IQEM: to implement long-term behavioural change and introduce sensors and scheduling to only use energy when it’s needed. The team took this on board and got to work collecting real-time asset level data from the Eniscope’s monitoring capabilities. They determined that the largest areas of energy consumption, the ventilator units, were not required for the operations they were being used for. By optimising the client’s equipment and focusing on reducing consumption levels, within fifteen weeks, Pont Aurell y Armengol saw savings of more than 40% on that area of the production process, which crept up to 43% in the following months. Moving forwards, a focus on energy consumption as integrated into weekly meetings alongside quality, efficiency and forward planning – only possible with Eniscope’s minute-by-minute data. IQEM has now successfully forged a strong relationship with Pont Aurell y Armengol, opening doors of opportunity to scale up Eniscope across other sites in Spain, Morocco and Mexico.

A Closer Look

To offer a clearer overview of just how much energy IQEM saved their client overall, the comparison graph below highlights the impact the Eniscope solution had on Pont Aurell y Armengol’s finishing process consumption over the first five months of 2021 and 2022. Here you can see a consistent reduction in wasted energy that continues to drop over the following months, saving a total of 43% – a substantial impact on their energy bills.

What does the client think?

“Thanks to the capabilities of the Eniscope system, not only is more kWh available, but many other parameters including CO2, Ampers, Volts, Power Factor and more. This is hugely important in order to predict the engines behaviour, energy supply peaks and helping as a predictive maintenance tool.”Fernando Flora, CEO at IQEM